Who’s Keeping an Eye on Your Investment Property?

Owning investment property (real estate) can be a great way to provide yourself with an additional stream of income, as well as to grow equity without using your own cash. But if you own property that is hundreds – or possibly even thousands – of miles away from where you reside, it can be difficult at best to know whether or not the tenants are abiding by the terms of the lease.

In fact, even a simple task like fixing a broken window or keeping the grass cut can be much more time-consuming if you don’t live in or near the area where your rental properties are located.

That’s where an experienced, local property manager can help. Having a local presence can allow both you and your tenants to feel more comfortable, knowing that there is a point of contact nearby – in turn, speeding up the process of repairs and other needs. Even tasks like renewing the lease and collecting the rent can be much more streamlined when you have a local property manager on hand.

If you own rental real estate in Naples, Florida, or the surrounding area, Benoit Management can help you to ensure that your investment property is running smoothly, and that you’re getting the market rate in rental income.

At Benoit Management, we focus on working with investors who don’t live in the immediate area, but want to own – and profit from – South Florida rental real estate. In addition to taking over the day-to-day duties of maintaining the property and collecting the rent, we offer a long list of other services, too, such as lease negotiation and ongoing financials.

For more information on how a local property management team can benefit you as a long distance rental real estate owner, give us a call today.