Who’s Keeping an Eye on Your Investment Property?

Owning investment property (real estate) can be a great way to provide yourself with an additional stream of income, as well as to grow equity without using your own cash. But if you own property that is hundreds – or possibly even thousands – of miles away from where you reside, it can be difficult at best to know whether or not the tenants are abiding by the terms of the lease.
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What to Expect from a Property Management Company

If you own rental property and you are considering the addition of a property management company to operate your investment(s), then it is important to first have a good understanding of what you can anticipate. This is particularly the case if you don’t reside in the local area and you are choosing the management firm based solely on its reputation.
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Should Your 2019 To Do List Include Securing Landlord Insurance?

Regardless of whether you own one investment property or hundreds of rental units, ensuring that you – and your investments – are properly covered in case of a loss is a necessity. While you may have home owner’s coverage, though, this won’t necessarily provide you with all of the protection that you may need. That’s why it’s essential that you consider landlord insurance.
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The Many Advantages of Having Short-Term Tenants

As the owner of rental property – and particularly as a long-distance landlord – locking in your tenants for one year, two years, or longer can provide you with a number of advantages…starting with the fact that you won’t have to spend more time marketing for and screening potential residents.Read More